This is the first of what I hope will be many (more informative) posts on this site.  Here you will find articles about design theory, news, history, opinions, and maybe even a little philosophy.

Architects and urbanists often refer to the built environment, which is intended to encompass our man-made surroundings from the scale of the building to the scale of the city.  But should that not also include our man-made surroundings at all scales?  The computer I'm typing on contributes to my built environment (a mac, cliche, I know), as do the pants I'm wearing right now (khakis, by the way).

I am an architect, which is generally supposed to mean I design buildings.  But, I've never quite agreed with completely separating myself from the rest of the designed world.  The whole world has been designed, and therefore the whole world can offer inspiration and lessons on design.  The built environment shall be the subject of this site.  And, at least on this forum, that will refer to the design of everything; from pants to cities.

That being said...I do really like buildings.  So I apologize in advance for the inevitable obsession with some random column design or door detail.

I hope this site allows us all to learn more about the way our built environment has been designed, and how it can possibly be designed better.